Sparta slot machine is fun for the brave!

Sparta slotSome slot machines of modern online casinos allow players to at least virtually travel back to the era of disappeared civilizations and past historical eras and events. One of these is the Sparta slot machine, half of the symbols of which are dedicated to historical and military themes.
The five reels of the Sparta slot machine contain swords and shields, galleys and catapults, amphorae and ships. Also, on the reels of this slot, there are letters and numbers familiar to Novomatic slot machines, typical for the denominations of the senior cards of a game deck.
To play the Sparta slot machine, the player has the right to choose any odd number of lines from one to nine. The more lines there are, the more often winning combinations will appear. You can bet from one to one hundred game credits on a line, and the player has the right to change both the number of active lines and the size of the bet on them at any time, even before each spin.
You can try to increase all winnings several times, risking losing them. To do this, in the slot machine, you need to switch to the doubling mode, where you have to guess the color of the top card in the deck, which can be black or red. A successful guess will double the player’s winnings, and he can either transfer the doubled winnings to his balance, or continue his game for doubling. In total, the player is given five opportunities to double his prize, and any unsuccessful choice of the color of the card completely nullifies the results of all previous true ones.
The bonus game in the Sparta slot machine traditionally launches fifteen free spins of virtual reels for the player, during which all prize combinations appearing on the active lines will triple. The player gets the right to them when, after the reels stop, at least three pictures with images of the Spartan phalanx appear on the screen. During the bonus game, pictures with Spartans can appear repeatedly, and each time three of their pictures will add an additional fifteen free spins to the player.
And although there are no ancient fearless and mighty Spartans in the world for a long time, playing the Sparta slot machine will allow any gambling citizen to the accompaniment of warlike music to try to have an interesting time, spending some amount on his entertainment and trying to catch a good combination of five identical symbols in order to profit from games.

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